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Goodyear Welted 


Goodyear Welted shoe construction was Invented hundreds of years ago and still it is considered as one of the finest and durable method of shoe and footwear construction today.

In Goodyear Welted construction, the upper leather, lining leather and welt (a specially strap of leather or can be explained as:- On better-constructed shoes, welt is a strip of leather which runs along the perimeter of the outsole. it's primary function is for attaching the upper to the outsole.) stitched together to the ribbing that has already been bonded to the insole. The rib has to be prepared on the insole that runs across insole.The welt is then stitched to the leather or synthetic sole. It is this final stitch, holding the sole in place, which we can cut through enabling complete removal of the sole without causing damaging the upper.

For both of these stitching points, a lockstitch is used - meaning the chain won't unravel if it breaks down at any particular point in the shoe.

The Goodyear Welted construction has the good strength and high durability and better repairing qualities by stitching the upper, lining, and welt then welt stitched to sole.
The Goodyear Welted construction is expensive, time consuming and requires highly skilled craftsmanship.

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